By supporting “Pagalbos moterims linija”, you contribute to creating a world where women are satisfied and happy.

Happy women create harmony and raise happy children.


A creative power lies in every woman.

Every real man knows this.

Why do we need support?

Donate - Women's helpline

The helpline “Pagalbos moterims linija” is a non-governmental organization. The emotional support service is free. We can only provide free service thanks to our sponsors.

Our activity is primarily based on the principle of volunteering. We take care of the qualification of volunteers. It also costs to maintain the telephone line and call center.

That’s the amount in euros required to prepare one volunteer.

Why is it worth supporting us?

A sincere and truthful conversation is the first step in solving even the most complex problems. In some cases, a casual conversation can save a life. Talking out your feelings as well as sharing your thoughts might help to calm down, better understand the situation and look for solutions.

Donate - Women's Helpline

Someone at this moment is in need of urgent help. Someone is going through a crisis. Someone is seriously questioning the point of life and no longer sees the purpose of living. Thanks to you, more and more women will be supported promptly.

Charity - Donate

Every euro counts. No amount is too small.

For companies

We invite companies to cooperate and contribute to the activities of our women’s helpline.

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