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8 800 66366 (lietuvių kalba, Lietuvoje)

Women’s Helpline

If you are experiencing a personal crisis, feeling anxious or struggling to deal with a lack of joy in life,

the Women’s Helpline volunteers will provide a listening ear, and, at the same time, they will support and encourage you.

A human connection is one of the most essential elements in life.


It will allow you to experience a sense of belonging and may make it easier for you to express your feelings.

You will be accepted

Women's helpline- Emotional support

Our helpline volunteers are of all ages and backgrounds and in many cases, these women themselves have experienced difficult times in dealing with their spiritual pain. All volunteers have successfully gone through a selection process and completed special training courses on the provision of emotional support.

You will be accepted for who you are, without any preconceptions or judgments. Remember, none of your problems is too small.

It is crucially important not to withdraw into yourself and retreat into your shell when you’re facing challenges in your life. A heart-to-heart talk may help calm down and understand your feelings. This makes it easier to accept things as they are and devote more boldly to the solution of a problem.

You are not alone and help is available to you


Emotional support is available by phone, e-mail or chat.

Women’s Helpline provides 24/7, free and confidential support.

Everything you say will remain only between us.




Calls per year

Emotional support - Women's helpline

We solve problems together

We are ready to listen to you whenever you need human warmth, compassion, acceptance and support. Don’t suffer alone and share your emotions with us, whatever you are going through. We are constantly receiving calls from women of all ages who face problems such as:

Relationship challenges


Problems at the workplace

Agony of grief

Fear of death







Lack of self-confidence


Panic attacks

Lack of meaning or purpose in life

No one should suffer alone. Emotional support is available to you.

Community for women

Women's help line - support for women

Our Women’s Helpline team is mainly made up of female volunteers. We pay special attention to women’s issues and strongly believe that women are better at understanding other females.

When we separate ourselves from the rest of the world, our negative moods, fears and pessimistic thoughts get worse only, moreover, they seem to become stuck in our mind. If the person does nothing, the situation gets worse leading to a vicious circle that traumatizes both himself/herself and those around him/her especially the children.

If you think that your friend, sister, mother, colleague, neighbour, acquaintance is going through a crisis or just has a difficult period, encourage her to seek help.


Emotional support on the Women’s Helpline is free of charge. We maintain our activities only thanks to our sponsors.

We strive for the quality. It costs 350 Eur to prepare one helpline volunteer.

Every contribution is very important.

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